Who are Antique Dealers?

Did you ever wonder how an Antique Shop gets it character?

The shop itself is usually an old home, a refurbished store, warehouse or barn. The people who create the guts of the shop are called Antique Dealers. They have a passion for collecting and talking about the history of things. You will find a variety of interesting people working in an antique mall.

Video: The Difference Between Pickers, Dealers, & Collectors in the Antique Market

Recently I stopped in a mall and an elderly gentleman with a slight limp approached me. He had a smile that made my heart melt. He asked me if I was finding what I was looking for. My answer was that I found so much more than I ever could have imagined in the shop.

I was amazed at the great care that was taken throughout the shop in creating delightful displays of memorabilia and collectible items. It was certainly a feast for the eyes.

I asked if he had a booth in the mall and he smiled and said that he actually had six of them. They were organized in categories: vintage toys, glassware, costumes, primitives and miscellaneous. He had a passion for preserving the past and passing these things into the future.

As I walked and browsed the store he walked along with me and answered many questions that I had. I learned about the history of the shop and a little bit about some of the dealers. One of the things that I have found for sure is that Antique Dealers love to share their knowledge to those who are willing to listen.

Antique dealers come from all walks of life, some are young and some are old. They love to collect things, investigate the history and facts about items to share with others. They rent out booths or spaces in antique shops to display their wares.

It takes a lot of time to set up a booth and keep it well stocked and fresh. The prices charged for the items are usually very fair for the amount of time and investment that the dealers provide.

As you Discover Antique Shops in your neighborhood and beyond you will find the art of bringing the past into the future. Next time you walk into a mall take a close look at how the displays have been set up and how the merchandise has been arranged. Take a few minutes to talk to the people working in the shop. They have a wealth of knowledge to share that can never be found anywhere else.

If you have a number of antiques that you would like to sell visit a local antique mall and find out the details on how you can become an antique dealer.


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