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A Guide to Events, Flea Markets, and Shops in Wisconsin

It is time to dust off your fedora and lace up your boots because we are taking you on a Wisconsin Antique Adventure! If you are an antique enthusiast, dealer, collector, or just want to look for treasure in the Badger state, this is the guide for you.

Grab a friend, hop in your car and spend an exciting day or few hours going on a Wisconsin Antique Adventure Road Trip.

Discover Wisconsin’s Unique Antique Shops

Emerald Grove Wisconsin Antique Shop

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Wisconsin Antique Adventures is the place to find all of your favorite shops and shows in one place. We have listings for over 300 antique shops, flea markets, and shows in the state of Wisconsin. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing around, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll never have to wonder where that next great show is happening again with our directory. Our website has everything from information about each event to directions on how to get there. It’s so easy finding your next favorite shop or show now!

Our website features an interactive map that will take you directly to any location on it with just one click. You can also search by city or county, so you don’t miss anything near where you live. And if there’s something specific that you’re looking for, enter it in the search box.

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Wisconsin Antique Shops, Shows, and Flea Markets Directory

It is not always easy to find up-to-date information on an antique shop or event due to them being one of a kind. Events are scattered across the state throughout the year, and antique malls have hours that can vary with the season. This guide makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The Wisconsin Antique Shop Directory offers you the opportunity to search for malls by city or name. Most listings provide a brief description, location information, maps, phone numbers, hours, photos, and links to their websites and Facebook pages. It also provides a place for shop owners and event planners to create a free listing.


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Wisconsin Antique Malls & Events on Facebook

If you are a Facebook fan, you will love how local shops are taking advantage of Facebook. Some shops and dealers have started to post what they are selling. This makes it easy to peek inside to see what is behind the doors of the shops. Since the merchandise constantly flows like a river, the Facebook tool is an excellent way to keep up with what is being offered for sale.  

Wisconsin Antique Adventures

NOTE: Things move quickly, so some of the items may be gone before you get to the store, but a quick call to the owner may allow him to hold it for you. Below is a sample of our Facebook page with an album of photos from the Elkhorn Flea Market. This post is typical of what you might find on other Facebook pages posted by Antique Shops.  We have liked many of Wisconsin’s Antique Shops who have Facebook pages and share their posts on our timeline. So if you like our page, you can always be kept up-to-date with photos of what is happening in the Wisconsin antique world. Almost daily, there is something new to see and discover.

History of the Antique Mall

Many years ago, Antique Shops consisted of single owners with storefronts located along the main streets of small towns. There are still a few like this, but most have grown into Antique Malls. These malls consist of a group of Antique Dealers who rent spaces to display and sell their goods. Each mall is unique and offers a place to “Find What You are Looking For.”  They offer scenes of the past that are creatively displayed in vignettes that trigger memories from our youth. The possibilities of what you will discover are endless.

Wisconsin Flea Markets and Maxwell Street Days

When it comes to Flea Markets, Wisconsin celebrates them all year round, but most are held during the spring and throughout the summer. You can find many bargains and antique treasures at these events. Home decorations are always plentiful, along with gift ideas for the holidays. Fresh local produce stands offer you wonderful treats.

Antique dealers showcase their collections at these events. You will find many antiques and useful items for your home at very reasonable prices.

Looking for a Flea Market to attend? The Elkhorn Flea Market, Cedarburg Maxwell Street Days, Adams Flea Market, Princeton Flea Market, Iola Flea Market, plus much more are waiting for your visit. To find local Wisconsin Flea Markets, visit our Calendar of Events. Search locations by choosing a city in the Category Menu.

Video: Take a Peek at Some Elkhorn Flea Market Finds







Dedicated dealers provide quality antiques throughout the year in various parts of the state. These shows are hosted by enthusiasts and antique dealers who have comprehensive knowledge of what they are showing. Several organizations such as Wisconsin Antique Dealers Association, The Wisconsin Pottery Show Tractor Pulls, and the famous Iola Car Show. Check out the calendar of events and search for shows antique shows.

Just like snowflakes – no two antique shops/malls are ever alike because each one is designed by individuals who create unique spaces to display treasures from the past. You can find rare and charming pieces hidden among the displays.

Each shop has a personality of its own. The people who build these shops devote their time and creativity to bringing the past into the future. I have found that Antique Dealers are as unique as the treasures they sell. They have a passion for what they do. Their knowledge is invaluable, and they love to converse about their collections.

Wisconsin is known for its dairy farms, but some have turned into antique farms. Located in Waterford, our infamous Hippie Tom’s Serendipity Farm is home to a fun adventure. You may have seen him featured on “The American Pickers” TV show. Hippie Tom has a passion for collecting and creating a new life for old pieces. His farm is open several times a year for you to come and browse.

 Video: Hippie Tom on the “American Pickers” TV Show






Browse this site to find shops, shows, events, networks, resources, and reviews. It is a collaborative effort of antique enthusiasts, shop owners, dealers, and associations. Discovering Wisconsin Antique Shops aims to provide a comprehensive online guide that provides everything you are looking for.

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