Wisconsin’s Favorite Elkhorn Flea Market

What could be better than spending a beautiful day outside walking and discovering this intriguing place? Spending a day at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is like visiting a historical museum, an art gallery, and a craft fair all mixed. You get your daily walking exercise while looking for the perfect piece to decorate your home.

Elkhorn Flea Market Event

Everywhere you look, there is something of interest that will intrigue your mind or make you think, “What in the world could that possibly be?” Is that a fishing reel or a pencil sharpener?

There is something for everyone at the flea market. From the savvy decorator to the high-end designer, you will be sure to find something unique. Flavorful treats are available for a quick breakfast or lunch.

Flea Market Find Leather Chairs

Just look at these awesome leather chairs – just waiting for your abode. Not only are they stylish they meet the comfort test too! Go ahead – try them out. The price is right to take them home. It would be hard to find these anywhere else, and once they are gone – they are gone.

Vintage Sign Elkhorn Flea Market

Oh, my goodness, a TEASE and PLEASE sign. I remember the days when everyone would tease their hair. The higher, the better. Some girls even wound them into a beehive. Wouldn’t this make the perfect sign in a beauty salon?

Don’t forget to bring a wagon or cart to carry home your finds. Just in case you forgot to bring a wagon, there are a few vintage Radio Flyers for sale and other unique style carts. Here is a short video showing a variety of carts and wagons seen at the Elkhorn Flea Market.

Next time you visit a flea market, take note of the variety of carts and wagons you may find.

Flea Market Find Hand Crafted Furniture

They are handcrafted and vintage—beautiful objects made from wood or upcycled from antiques. Everything is a feast for the eyes. The person who crafts the items loves to share their stories behind the scenes and explain their technique for making things. That is something you generally do not find at a big box store.

Clever Flea Market Finds

I just can’t get over all the exotic things that show up at a flea market. Take a look above for a grand mixture of artifacts. Aren’t those puppets just darling. I really love to use wagon wheels to decorate a garden wall or barn wall. As you can see there are thousands of great finds and one of a kind.

Elkhorn Flea Market Produce Vendor

Take home some tasty fresh home-grown tomatoes or beans. Just in case you would like to support our local farmers you’ll find fresh produce and even Ice Cold Golden Maple Rootbeer, 100% Wisconsin Maple Syrup. Some of these things you just cannot find at your local grocery store.

Halloween Crafts Flea Market Find

The flea market is always kind to the pocketbook. These necklaces are only $5 each. I like to look for Christmas gifts all year long and the flea market is the best place to find that special person something unique. Hint! Hint Honey! Pick a few and give them as gifts. You know that during the holiday season everything is so expensive and you struggle to find the perfect gift. Problem solved.

Flea Market Jewelry

A great place to find additions for your collectible hobby. Are you looking for something to add to your Model Tractor Collection or Vintage Radios? Not only will you find hobbyist selling some treasures the vendors are very knowledgeable about their collections. Who knows, you might just want to start a new hobby and this is the perfect place to start.

Flea Market Model Tractor Collection

Looking at this collection of vintage radios is really a treat. Do you remember any of these from your childhood?

Vintage Radios Flea Market Find

The Elkhorn Flea Market is the biggest outdoor flea market in Southern Wisconsin. It is held 4 times a year on a Sunday. Many vendors come to each event and sign up for the whole season. Make it a family tradition to visit at least once every year. There is truly something for everyone at this event. It is almost impossible to see everything in a day, so each visit you will discover some old favorites and other never seen before items. Hope to see you at the next event. Everyone is welcome.

Welcome Elkhorn Flea Market

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