How to Set Up a Flea Market Table

Across the country in small and large towns, people gather at Swap Meets to sell or buy goods. Would you like to set up a table at a local flea market? There are many things to consider and prepare before heading off to a flea market with a trunk load of goods. The work is hard and you need to be well prepared.

Video: Setting Up a Flea Market Table

Great advice that will save you time and effort is offered in this video about setting up your first flea market table. Being prepared to sell your goods and learning how to set your prices are an necessity. Flea Markets are hard work and those who succeed love this business.

Getting Started

Visit several Indoor and Outdoor Flea Markets in your area and take good notes.

Check out how the tables are arranged.

What attracts your eyes?

What type of setup seems to draw the most customers?

It is especially important to visit the venue where you are planning to setup your swap meet booth.

Items Needed for Setting up a Flea Market Booth

  • Registration for event completed and paid for.
  • Tables (Some venues rent tables)
  • Umbrella or Tent (Important for Sun Block or Rain)
  • Chair
  • Money Box (Plan to have plenty of small bills and change on hand.)
  • Drinks and Water
  • Picnic Lunch – Keep your strength up.
  • Helper – Needed so you can take a bathroom break.
  • Sun Block
  • Business Cards – Great place to network.
  • Working items ready to sell.
  • Provide some background music. Oldies work well.
  • Arrive Early – The early bird gets the worm.

At flea markets you do not have to put pricing on your goods especially if you are trying to get rid of your products. Customers will ask how much does it cost. Double the price and then come down to make the sell. For instance, say $5 and come down to $3. Watch the body language of the buyer to see how interested they are. Most vendors start out asking higher prices and the buyers end up buying at a much lower price.

Most of all, plan to make this experience enjoyable. The people you meet, the sales you make should make you smile at the end of the day. Your first day of sales may not amount to much but it is only the beginning. If you have a passion for this and enjoy the process you will be successful.

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