Ten Decorating Tips for Iron Gates

How to Decorate with Wrought Iron Gates Vintage wrought iron gates are finding their way into Antique Malls, Flea Markets and Architectural Salvage Shops across the country. Interior Designers and home owners are using them to create new and useful pieces to decorate their homes for a rustic or shabby chic decor. Iron gates come [...]

How to Set Up a Flea Market Table

Across the country in small and large towns, people gather at Swap Meets to sell or buy goods. Would you like to set up a table at a local flea market? There are many things to consider and prepare before heading off to a flea market with a trunk load of goods. The work is hard and [...]

Who are Antique Dealers?

The shop itself is usually an old home, a refurbished store, warehouse or barn. The people who create the guts of the shop are called Antique Dealers. They have a passion for collecting and talking about the history of things. You will find a variety of interesting people working in an antique mall. Recently I [...]

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

Top Destination in Southern Wisconsin  Four times a year an Antique Flea Market is held at the Elkhorn fairgrounds. This is a huge event. There are over 500 vendors who participate. Plan to spend at least several hours walking and browsing. The booths are located both indoors and outdoors. Everything is laid out nicely with [...]

How to Sell Antiques Online

How to Sell Antiques Online

Learn How to Sell Antiques Online - Follow the steps to build a website, create a Facebook Business page, Create a YouTube Video for your Antique Mall, Booth, Flea Market Space or Antique Show.

Carts and Wagons Review

Carts and Wagons for Shopping at a Flea Market

On a recent visit to the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market, one of the first thing that I noticed was the shoppers who brought along their own shopping cart. The carts and wagons were everywhere. They came in all sizes, styles, and colors. What was even more interesting was what was inside the carts. I snapped a [...]

Decorating for Christmas Vintage Style

Decorating for Christmas Vintage Style

The charm and warmth of the past can be showcased in your home by decorating for Christmas vintage style. Years ago homes were decorated with warm, colorful, often handmade items. Ornaments and decorations were saved for generations. You may have a few boxes from the past that you want to display during the holiday season. [...]