7 Mile Fair Flea Market

The Seven Mile Fair has been a gathering place for farmers, merchants and shoppers for over forty years. Their name comes from their location which is on the 7 Mile Road in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

The flea market is open year round on Saturdays and Sundays. During the summer months it is one of the best places to find fresh local produce. Area farmers set up stands offering fruits and vegetables such as: asparagus, strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, apples and pumpkins. Besides just offering fresh produce one can find baked goods, honey, and other good treats to eat.

What are you looking for? Vendors sell everything from Antiques and Collectibles to everyday household items such as toothpaste. Enjoy climate controlled shopping during the hot summer and cold winter months.

Video: Scott Niles Tours the 7 Mile Fair


Back in the 60’s my family sold home-grown produce at the 7 Mile Fair. It was a weekly event to pick, clean and prepare home-grown produce such as: strawberries, green beans, beets, sweet corn and tomatoes every Saturday. Early on Sunday we would head off the fair, set up our tables and greet and bargain with customers. My favourite memory was taking a break from selling and having the opportunity to walk through the fair often seeing familiar faces selling items that were not found at your local department stores.

One early Sunday morning my father purchased a farm tractor at the fair for $100. He knew that it was a real bargain. A few hours later my younger brother sold the tractor for $200 without having to do anything other than raise the price and wait for a buyer. The money we earned at the 7 Mile Fair helped with our schooling. I am sure if you are a collector or reseller you will find bargains that are worth more than their asking prices.

Hours: Open every Saturday and Sunday Year Round
Location: 2720 W 7 Mile Rd, Caledonia, WI 53108