7 Mile Fair Flea Market 2024

December 30, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Caledonia, WI - 7 Mile Road
2720 7 Mile Road
Caledonia, WI 53108
$2.00 Ages 12 and Up, $1.00 Seniors

7 Mile Fair: A Weekend Wonderland in

Caledonia, Wisconsin

Every Weekend Year Round

Outdoor Market 9 am-5 pm
Indoor Market 9 am-5 pm


Nestled in the heart of Caledonia, the 7 Mile Fair is a vibrant tapestry of culture, commerce, and entertainment. One of Wisconsin’s largest flea markets is a weekend haven for bargain hunters, families, and adventure seekers. This iconic fair, running every weekend throughout the year, blends the charm of a traditional flea market with the excitement of a local festival.

A Storied Tradition

The 7 Mile Fair has been a staple in Caledonia since its inception in 1961. It started as a modest gathering of vendors and has grown into a sprawling marketplace of over 40 acres. This growth is a testament to its popularity and the diverse experiences it offers.

7 Mile Fair Wisconsin Flea Market

Shopping Extravaganza

With over 1,000 vendors, the fair is a treasure trove for shoppers. You can find almost anything here, from vintage collectibles and handcrafted goods to new electronics and fashionable clothing. The array of items is as diverse as the vendors who sell them, many of whom are local entrepreneurs and artisans.

A Food Lover’s Paradise

The 7 Mile Fair is also a culinary adventure. The food pavilion and numerous stalls offer a wide range of options, including classic Wisconsin cheese curds, Mexican tacos, Asian cuisine, and all-American burgers. The fair is a great place to sample different foods while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

An Eclectic Mix of Old and New

One of the unique aspects of the 7 Mile Fair is its blend of the old and the new. You can find antique furniture and vintage jewelry alongside the latest gadgets and fashion trends. This mix makes the fair a shopping destination and a cultural experience.

Tips for Visitors

  • Plan for the Weather: The fair is open, rain or shine, so dress accordingly.
  • Arrive Early: To avoid crowds and get the best deals, arrive early.
  • Bring Cash: While many vendors accept cards, cash transactions are often quicker and easier.
  • Explore Fully: Take your time to explore all the fair sections for the best experience.

The 7 Mile Fair in Caledonia is more than just a market; it’s a vibrant community gathering that embodies the spirit of Wisconsin’s warmth and diversity. Whether you’re there to shop, eat, or soak in the atmosphere, the fair offers a unique and memorable experience each weekend.


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