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Deco DancerAntiques are pieces of our history that have been saved and cherished for many years. They dance their way into little shops across the country waiting for new owners to rescue them and place them in their homes to be loved.

Just like snowflakes there are no two antique shops that are ever alike. Once you enter through their doors your eyes and mind start a dialogue of remembrance. Many of the items in an antique mall are one of a kind, so if you stumble upon a treasure that fills your heart snatch it up because once it is gone it is gone.

Each Antique Shop has a unique story of how it came to be filled with wonders of the past. The nooks and crannies are filled with treasures waiting to be found. The antique dealer takes precious care to arrange their treasures in unique settings. My favorite part of walking into an antique shop is seeing something from my past that I once owned or saw as a child, those memories are priceless.

Many antique shops have turned into antique malls. In all types of buildings, big and small, spaces and booths are rented out to antique dealers or people who have inherited or collected antiques over years. The rented spaces are decorated and stocked with unique items and style. Antique dealers do this because of the passion they have for this hobby.

Discover Antique Shops mission is to create a comprehensive Antique Shop Directory for Wisconsin and Illinois Antique Malls. This is the largest resource online to find what you are looking for in your backyard. As more dealers and shops join us you will be able to search for collectibles that you are looking for. Keep in touch with local events and flea markets in your area.



I spent about ten years working as an antique dealer in my spare time. I had many things that I inherited that I wanted to pass on to someone who would enjoy it. I also, spent time at auctions and estate sales looking for interesting things that I could either resale on eBay or place in my booth. Each piece that I found had a story behind it and became someone’s collectible item.

I had a huge collection of vintage toys. These toys were purchased at rummage sales when my boys were little. We didn’t have a lot of spending money for toys so the second hand rummage toys filled our home. As the years passed I saved the toys and found that many had become collectibles. It is something that I just stumbled upon.

This site is dedicated to the Wisconsin – Illinois Antique collecting community, all the shop owners, dealers and collectors who bring the past into the present. Please join us on this antique network journey.

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