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Our Story Wisconsin Antique Adventures

Wisconsin’s Antique Adventures

When you step into an antique shop does your mind begin to treasure the experience of remembering things from the past and fill up with awe of the amazing things that you find? Are you amazed how just like snowflakes no two antique vignettes are ever the same?

My name is Sharon and my dear friend and I discovered the delightful pleasure of taking antique shopping road trips many years ago. No two trips were ever the same.

About 25 years ago we decided to try out our skills of becoming a small business owner and opened a vendor booth at Sugar Creek Antique Mall in New Berlin. Then we opened a booth in two other malls. We had hours of fun setting up, creating, and decorating our booth. Meeting other vendors and hearing their stories. We were even more excited when we started to make some sales.

The thought that we were able to start a small business together around our passion was very exciting. That is why I decided to do something that would help the small Antique Shops and Dealers grow their online presence. Now, more than ever small businesses need to promote themselves online.

People are browsing the internet daily looking for ideas and things that they can purchase for their homes.

As the internet grew I was intrigued by making websites and helping as many people as I could. In 2002 I created my first Antique website called SharonShops.com. It was fun. I had 1200 Wisconsin-Illinois antique shops listed.

Since the 2020 COVID experience has affected everything we do I want to make sure that the small Antique Shops and Dealers in Wisconsin have the opportunity to present their shops in the virtual world.

Please leave comments below on what you are looking for and how can we create a better experience for you. Use this site for your next Antique Adventure Road Trip.

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